Getting there on time . . . safely.

 Your group’s safety is paramount. When evaluating chartering a stretch luxury vehicle, party bus or mini-coach, please consider that not all vehicles are created equally. Our stretch Lincoln MKT and Mercedes Sprinter vehicles meet the federal motor vehicle safety standards established by the manufacturers. The braking, steering and suspension systems of a vehicle are all affected when it is “converted” into a limousine, which is why GVWRs were established by Lincoln, Mercedes, and the federal government. Just because you can stuff more people into the vehicle does not mean that it is safe! Because a vehicle’s brakes, steering and suspension were not designed to accommodate the additional weight, handling can suffer and safety can be compromised Why? As a vehicle acquires more mass, the braking system will not be able to slow it down as quickly and safely, and steering becomes more difficult. A vehicle that can not be safely steered or stopped is a significant hazard on the road—not only for the passengers and driver, but also for the general public. Both Lincoln and Mercedes provide livery packages that ensure that the vehicle will meet safety and performance standards.